Dr Who - A Mini Fan Episode from Tape End Productions on Vimeo.

A short fan made episode of Dr.Who, Filmed In the Dr. Who Experience In Cardiff.

Directed by Vincent Gallagher
Staring Dale Jones (This Is England, Fresh Meat)

A film by Tape End Productions

Wanna Drink? - Short Film from LLOYDSTAR Pictures on Vimeo.

A dark comedy about two conflicting flat-mates and an outlandish birthday celebration that neither will ever forget.

We filmed wanna drink as a bit of fun and an opportunity for everyone involved to get to know and work together. Hopefully this will be the beginning of some great short films.

Big thanks to all the crew, Jonny Norton, Jason McLarnin, Jason Glazebrook, Kirsty-Ann Dickenson, Vincent Gallagher, Chris Parker, Steve Berry, Sam Lynch and Joe Horner.

My new sounds:

My new sounds:

My new sounds:

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