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0 to 60 seconds to showcase audio/video remixers Addictive TV… go!

My Love from Kenneth James on Vimeo.

This is my first film i made in the year and my first to make since i graduated at university. i made this at filmonik 2014 Valentines challenge kabaret in february. shot and edited in just under three days. due to having trouble with the music and sound during the kabaret, it was not fully finished at the time. since then i got the music done and the voice over re-recorded and it is now complete. Hope you enjoy it :)

just want to thank again everyone who was involved with me on this and everyone at the kabaret who are very supportive. it means alot to me thank you :)

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The Magician from Slugwax on Vimeo.

The Magician

Experimental Horror Film - 16mm Black & Whtie

Lethal Lechery from Slugwax on Vimeo.

Rated M

A short dark experimental film - 16mm

Lustmord - Dark Awakening

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Physics #2. Quantum particles. from Andrzej Dragan on Vimeo.

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